“May I admire you again today?” - Duckie, Pretty in Pink

It’s been 30 years since The Psychedelic Furs’ now infamous title song signalled the beginning of another Hughes classic – Pretty in Pink.

A typical love-triangle story starring Brat Pack alumni and 80s Queen, Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer, the 1986 film saw a rich boy fall for a working class girl from the wrong side of the tracks as her hopelessly-in-love best friend looks on.

And as with all John Hughes films, the plot, characters, underlying moral, and even to a certain extent, the fashion and epic soundtrack are still relatable today.

Not wanting to have too much of a fangirl moment, but Pretty in Pink is as close to 1980s perfection as you can get (right up there with The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Some Kind of Wonderful), and the fact that it is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a cult classic is a true testament to my favourite genre.

But, and there is a but, my only gripe with the story is the ending. Yes people, Big John dropped a bollock by letting test audiences overrule and decide the romantic fate of our girl, Andie. And they fucked it up. Massively.

Miss Regan will most definitely disagree with me on this because she’s a McCarthy-lover, and yes I know these films were pretty much purposely built for said teenage audience, but what do we know about teenagers when it comes to matters of lurve? They stoopid.

Pretty in Pink was written on the basis that Andie would inevitably (and obviously, because durrh) choose to be with her best friend, Duckie - played completely brilliantly by Jon Cryer - over rich kid Blane (McCarthy).

Yet after previewing the film, a bunch of moronic American teens thought that ending made no sense, kicked up a stink and effectively ruined everything.

I’m not bitter in the slightest…

Maybe no longer being under the age of 18 and having slightly more wisdom at 27 is the reason for understanding what was actually important in deciding between two love interests. Or maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for the hilarious underdog. But in all honesty, I think it’s probably more to do with this:

Who wouldn’t fall for that?!

Long live John Hughes’ quintessential 80s films and Happy 30th Birthday Pretty in Pink - I will always choose the Duck.

Have you seen Pretty in Pink? Do you agree it should’ve been Duckie? It’s okay to say no, I won’t judge you. Much.

– love Stef x