Carla Regan


Back in 2011 I graduated from university with a respectful degree in Journalism, before starting the intern trail in London. Working within the fashion and lifestyle teams on national magazines has definitely taught me a lot, and helped in landing me a job on a local women’s lifestyle magazine. I love all things fashion, I love to travel and I’m a bit of a beauty junkie, which is why we started this blog. We look at all our favourite things from shopping hauls and style files to travel guides - we got you covered! I also drink lots of tea and Instagram my cats. A lot.

Stefanie Keeling


I too graduated in 2011 with a degree in Journalism, but I chickened out of a life in the Big Smoke and instead sold my soul and took the PR route. This particular foray into the lifestyle and beauty sector of Public Relations was, although short-lived, invaluable. I then sold my soul again and moved into SEO, before finally settling down as an online content writer for a mobile phone retailer. I’m a hoarder of shoes and make-up, as well as being far too partial to a spot of perving, which means I feel right at home writing for SWHH.

We couldn’t find any “respectful” photos of the two of us, so, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a snippet of seven years of Stef and Carla #bezziesfo’life: